Wuhan public security police Shaoyun: "This is my most familiar life"

Wuhan public security police Shaoyun: "This is my most familiar life"

Ye Lu, a rain, a rain, the autumn of Jiangcheng Wuhan.

In the early morning, Shao Yuchun, deputy director of the Jiang’an District Bureau of Jiang’an District, Wuhan City, began a day patrol service. Not far from the police, it is a famous Food Culture Street, Wuhan – Jiqing Street.

The sky is just bright, there have been a team before breakfast, and the street central square sounded music. People held the hot roofs that just came out, and the beans were eaten.

"This is my most familiar life.

"Shao Yuchun couldn’t help but feel it.

On December 2, 2020, Shao Yuchun (right) and colleagues patrolled in the jurisdiction. (Xinhua News) last year, Wuhan Street is another scene: new crown pneumonia infection has increased increasing, thousands of people are pressed "Pause Key".

In the most serious critical juncture, the various cities of Wuhan launched the concentrated transport, isolation and admission of new crown pneumonia "four categories".

A batch of diagnosed patients, suspected patients, unable to exclude possible fever patients with infection, and close contacts need to be transferred from community. On January 29th, the Party Branch of Dazhi Street Police Station called on all police officers voluntarily registered and participated in the transfer of transportation. Since it is a "zero distance" "face-to-face" contact diagnosis and suspected patient, the risk is extremely high.

"I am a party member, let me go! My body is good, in case of infection, the probability of rehabilitation is greater.

"Shao Yuchun, who is tune at home, said. One day, Shao Yuchun is in contact with the transfer of the Taining community. Suddenly heard someone shouting, it was a fever, and the old uncle is sitting in the stairs. He doesn’t care Personally, immediately kneel down the old man.

When the old man was carried out on the police car and sent to the hospital, Shao Yuchun worched in protective clothing. On January 30, 2020, Shao Yuchun (left) in the transshorse.

(Xinhua News News) This transshipment video moved numerous netizens.

During the epidemic, Shao Yuchun has been highlighted by the work performance, and he has been compiled by the provincial public security department, and won the honor of "National Excellent Communist Party" "National Fighting New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Advanced Individual".

There is a lot of safety hazards in Dazhi Street, Jiang’an District. In accordance with the deployment of the "Spark Action Plan" of the Wuhan Municipal Law Committee, Shao Yuchun established a 10-person Shao Yuchun party member pioneer. In addition to daily work, it is busy verification and investigation of security hidden dangers. "Don’t be afraid of hardships in work, encounter difficulties, first." The police station "95" small gossa always remembers Shao Yuchun’s 嘱. Last year, the epidemic is crispy, Tianzhuang participated in the transportation work of new crown under the leadership of Shao Yuchun, and the "fire line into the party" during the epidemic, became a glorious preparatory party member.

In August of this year, there was an exception of an exceptional input neoguanponic relationship case, once again pulled the alarm, and the nucleic acid detection in the city was immediately launched.

Shao Yuchun once again stood again to assist the residential community to seal, coordinate the community’s value-keeping work, and dispatch the staff for isolation point protection … Shao Yuchun (middle) and colleagues conducted anti-electric scam in the jurisdiction.

(Xinhua News News) This year’s National Day holiday, Shao Yuchun chose to stay in the post, and brought the 20,000 residents within the jurisdiction.

In the holiday patrol, Shao Yuchun always encounters a lot of tourists from the field, many people come, and take the sky of the hero. In just 7 days, Wuhan received more than 21 million visitors. At the beginning of the Hua Lantern, close to the Yangtze River, the Night City tourists woven; on the Jiqing Street Central Square, the public leisurely pulled the two Hu City … Watching the bustling and lively in front of the eyes, Shao Yuchun said, feeling proud and happy.