Shijiazhuang: Heating enterprises have taken measures to meet the cold wave

Shijiazhuang: Heating enterprises have taken measures to meet the cold wave

People’s Daily News (Zhu Peng Tao) According to Hebei Meteorological Observatory, Hebei Province will have a full range of rain, wind, cold wave weather in Hebei Province, November 6th to 8th.

In response to the cooling of this cold wave, the State Electric Volume Eastern Energy Heat Company has strengthened the heat transfer scheduling, scientifically adjusts operation, strengthens the emergency value, actively, with the "full fire" to protect the Wanjia Tung Wan of Shijiazhuang City.

To ensure safe and smooth operation of equipment facilities, the company’s operation and maintenance personnel strengthen the inspection of the heating pipe network, secondary pipe network and heat exchange station, organized and repaired into 24-hour warfare, and found that the problem is the first time Proper repair, strive to eliminate all kinds of problems that affect heat operation in the germination state.

At the same time, the 8-sports service team, 6 special repair teams and 9 special repair teams were kept 24 hours to ensure that they can arrive at the scene in the first time after the heat is hot.

At the same time, the Heating Scheduling Center links with Shijiazhuang City heating command platform, closely monitoring the time temperature in the company’s jurisdiction, close attention to weather changes, and actively coordinates the upstream heat source. By increasing the heating load, improving the water supply temperature, realizing the heat source load, hot network parameters, heat transfer station operation, automatic adjustment of the user room temperature, ensuring comfortable for the user room temperature. Huadian Heating Group will adopt "24-hour guard chain" to ensure heating.

The heat source load is large, "966366" is second waiting, the transfer center is closely monitored, the repair personnel are ready to stand, the inspection and maintenance is not stopped, the inspection inspection time is not only, all-round, multi-form, no dead angle 24 hours guardian, ensure users Each of the appeals can be accepted for the first time, the first time is disposed, ensuring that the outdoor temperature is lowered, the indoor temperature does not fall, and the overall heating is smooth and orderly. It is understood that on November 1st, Hebei Province has a comprehensive start of urban heating. This year, Hebei Province will launch urban heating in advance in the fourth consecutive year. (Editor: Fang Tong, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing let more people see.