Yingze Park Elephant Slide can play first to play a card to find a childhood memories.

Yingze Park Elephant Slide can play first to play a card to find a childhood memories.

  At 6 o’clock on November 11, there was a "happy event" in Yingze Park in Taiyuan City quietly happened. Many old gantos are familiar with elephant slides, after the seventh workers slowly remove the green miles, reveal a new face. The elephant slide was originally opened with cement blockage, and the long nose was a rigid slide, and the slide is a soft sand pit.

It seems that the elephant slide can play! "Oh, I will see it quickly, and the elephant slide can be played!" Mr. Ma, 72-year-old Ma, a 72-year-old Mr. Yong Road, Yeze District.

The old couple walks into the elephant slide attractions.

Mr. Ma said that he was in the park. After an hour, he was surrounded by the block. When he turned here, he did not expect the block to open.

The old man touched, and he touched it, he said: He and his wife have two children. When the child is small, often with them to play an elephant slide, and now the children are already 40 years old people. However, the original scene is still like yesterday.

  "The elephant slider is a kind of city memory, a unique complex!" Ms. Qin, 45, said that she is a sliding elephant slide 70. At the scene, she shared this good news in the first time to her lover, but also said that she had to take a look at the weekend! There are still many children who are attracted by the elephant slides. Parents took their hands and kneel down and smashed the elephant "ass" and touched the slide.

"Mom, I want to slip a slip elephant slide!" A child said to her mother.

  A construction personnel quickly went to remind: "Children, this slide is still not slippery, just brushing the glue periphery under the nose, there is still not completely dried, and put your beautiful clothes are staining." Construction person told Visitors, they just received a notice in the afternoon, let the demolition of the construction enclosure of the elephant slide. The surrounding elephants have been hardened and become a scenic spot in Yingze Park.

But what time can you play, be sure to wait for an open notice of the park. He again reminded: "The glue of the Sharpy is still not dry, or then wait to play!" However, come here to play a card, touch the elephant ass, leg, long nose, and elephant slide , First find a child’s memory, "taste a fresh" is still! Shanxi Evening News reporter Ma Jiling (Editor: Ma Yunmei).