Wulaian County is based on "four focus" to promote "I do practical things for the masses"

Wulaian County is based on "four focus" to promote "I do practical things for the masses"

Since the development of the party history, Wulan County has always been "I do practical things for the masses" as the foothold, based on the implementation of the 14th people’s livelihood projects in 2021, based on the "four focus", promote party history Learning education is deep. Focus on focus, promote high quality development of social and economic.

The party organizations at all county combine party history education with the full-year key tasks, and comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages and focus on cultivating the new growth points of county economic development. County Development Reform and Industrial Informationization Bureau accelerate the promotion of the Washing Town Sewage Treatment Plant, Hilitou Town, Hilitou Town, Hilitou Town; County Construction and Transportation Bureau implements the 2021 urban old community transformation 192 set.

Focus on people’s livelihood, earnestly enhance the masses. Focus on the most worry-close-hearted hotspots, difficulties, and establish a policy initiative to strengthen the expansion of poverty to the outcome of the poverty. For the people of the people. The county farming and animal husbandry and poverty alleviation and development bureau organized all party members and cadres to donate 13,000 yuan to Beicu Village, and a total of 6 agricultural villages in Cole Town, Tongpu Town Strive to Tianzhang Channel maintenance project funds 1. 1.3 million yuan; Tongpu Town coordinated jurisdiction To the affected herdsmen of Hanhe Village, 30,000 yuan is donated by 30,000 yuan; the party group of the County Water Conservancy Bureau is striving for "photovoltaic water purification" project to Ke Kezhen Buanggou Village; the County Health and Health Bureau issued a "two disease" drug million boxes, benefits More than 2,400 people, saving the patient’s medical expenses million. The focus is implemented, and the parties are hammer in the service.

Implementing the "First Responsible People" responsibility of the party organizations at all levels, the county party committee’s history learning education tour guide group and the leading group office strengthens the guidance, put "I do practical things for the masses" as the supervision key, compaction key minority politics Responsibility, timely feedback, advice, urge to establish a reform account, improve the list of questions, implement the rectification responsibility, and form a strong synergy to the Urvestment to learn the uplink linkage, and effectively grasp the party history education.

Up to now, there are 44 rounds of tour guidance, feedback guidance, and rectify within a limited period, ensuring that the party history is not going to work, and it is implemented for the people without deviation. Focus on commitment to pursuant, practical understanding of the people.

Party organizations at all levels shall carry out "send warmth, dedication", "send warmth, love", "send warmth, and love" "to the people, and guide party members and cadres" to truly go in promise The mass route, truly acts as the people ‘s hearts, as of now, the party organizations at all levels of the county have committed 85 items for people. (Source: Ulaan County Committee Party History Learning Education Leading Group Office) (Editor: Chen Jing, Ganhai Qiong).