Yunnan Pu’er: Asian elephant family like New Ding

Yunnan Pu’er: Asian elephant family like New Ding

People’s Daily Network Pu’er December 9 On December 6 A group of small elephants baby.

In the video of the Pu’er City Forest Fire Brigade on December 7, the Asian elephant is active in a coffee arm, carefully observing that there is a very small piece of baby in the group, when When it is dangerous, a few adult elements will immediately protect the baby in the middle.

According to the Asian elephant monitoring, this small elephant baby was born at around December 5.

According to reports, this group of pictures entered Liu Shun Town, Sihao District, Pu’er City, Jinghong City, July 9th this year.

On September 8th, the group entered the Nanta Town of Simao District and became close and more towns, and it has reached the railway station around the city.

In order to ensure the safety of people, local organization-related staff will guide them out of the city, and the group will stay in this area near Mu Naihe Industrial Park. Since the crops in the farmland have been harvested, the wild food is shortage, and the group will visit the people in the nearby residents to find corn and other foods, bringing a small impact on the production and life of residents.

Pu’er City Forest Form Wild Plant Protection and Wetland Management Kakai said that in order to alleviate people like conflicts, staff remind people of the people in Asian areas and activities to do not go out to work.

In addition, the staff will send the Asian image activity information to the relevant WeChat group in the first time, or to inform the people through SMS, remind it to avoid it. It is reported that Asian is currently the largest terrestrial organism found in Asia, there are currently about 300 times in my country.

As one of Asian elephants in my country, the number of wild Asian quarries in Pu’er City has increased year by year in recent years.

According to the monitoring, 181 Asian elephants were monitored in Pu’er City at the same time. For Asian elephants, Pu’er City has strengthened the monitoring of their whereabouts, and timely warning through SMS, WeChat, telephone, etc. (Cheng Hao, He Yougang, Zhao Wei, Guo Yuanfeng) (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Share more people to see.