Xinhuanet VR | City Album Tianfu Chengdu @ 青白江区

Xinhuanet VR | City Album Tianfu Chengdu @ 青白江区

  "Luhai Junyun Hub, Internationalized Qingbaijiang", click on the picture, open the panoramic experience. This issue VR takes you into the Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu.

The Qingbaijiang District is located in the northeastern part of Chengdu. It is one of the Chengdu Central City, and there are 11 townships (streets), 124 administrative villages (communities), total population of 650,000, is the national "five" period planning Construction of the first industrial zone in the Southwest. The Youth Ecological Environment is pleasant, and there is a national-level ecological area. There is a scenic spot of the National AAA level tour scenic spot, Longmen Taohuou Scenic Area, Yihu Garden, Jiazhen Park, and other scenic spots.

  The historical source of Qingbaijiang is long, and the cultural accumulation is deep. The Han Dynasty has a hormible town, there is a well-preserved ancient county first-level highest academic embroidery college. Qingbaijiang District is in the focus of protecting historical and cultural heritage, shaping urban characteristic cultural brands, highlighting the spirit of urban culture, in the inheritance and innovation, highlighting history and modern cultural heritage, and enhance urban cultural taste.

  The Qingbaijiang District is located in the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "Yangtze River Belt" intersection. Chengdu International Railway Port in the territory is an important carrier that implements the "One Belt" Initiative and Chengdu Construction "International Land Sea Intermodal" corridor. A belt all the way "Industrial Park core area.

  At present, Qingbaijiang is tightening the construction of international railway port, self-trade test area, based on the overall positioning of "Luhai Junyun Hub, Internationalized Qingbaijiang", and invested in the development strategy of "Port Liusheng, Industrial Xingcheng, Quality Youcheng", Fully construct the city space pattern of "six special small towns in one Hong Kong Sancheng". [Editor: Jiang Yan].