Xi’an Central Hospital "Secondary Epilepsy Center" awarded and joined CAAE epilepsy map – Xi’an Central Hospital

Xi’an Central Hospital "Secondary Epilepsy Center" awarded and joined CAAE epilepsy map – Xi’an Central Hospital

[Abstract] Professor Hong Zhen, president of the China Association, personally licensing, the meeting is planned to be awarded 162 hospitals, because of the influence of the epidemic, 92 centers have failed to participate in the bills, and can only be read, and the listing The screen is carried out, including Xi’an Central Hospital.

  From October 28th to 31st, 2021, China’s Anti-epilepsy Association held the "Ninth CAAE International Epilepsy Forum" in Xiamen, one of which is to conduct "first batch of CAAE 1, secondary epilepsy center to grant" ceremony".

Professor Hong Zhen, president of the China Association, personally awarded, and the meeting was planned to be awarded 162 hospitals. It also includes Xi’an Central Hospital. Xi’an Central Hospital Neurology As the Vice President of the Anti-epilepsy Association of Shaanxi Province, the Epilepsy Center is prepared from the epilepsy center to report, first review, review, etc., hosted and completed a number of work, for the majority of epilepsy Patients have set a more comprehensive and standardized medical platform.

This time, the Zhongshen Association releases CAAE epilepsy map by means of a network platform, which is convenient for regionalization of epilepsy. Patients can search for this tool to search for the nearest epilepsy hospitals, or you can search through the expert names through industry certified hospitals to avoid the shortcomings of epilepsy patients "chaos, blind diagnosis and treatment".

On the other hand, CAAE epilepsy maps also conduct extensive propaganda for epilepsy in all regions, promoting the development and advancement of each epilepsy center. Xi’an Central Hospital Nerveology was founded in the 1960s, and Professor Chen Huiling, from the old neurology expert of my country, is one of the earliest neuropics in Shaanxi Province. It was established by Xi’an Municipal Health Bureau as early as 1979. " Xi’an Neurological Research Office, with deep heritage and excellent tradition, all in the fields of neurology and long-term planning. As early as 2009, an epilepsy has been opened. It has gradually established a video EEG examination room and neurological human cerebral monitoring ward. At present, there are 7 long-range video e-electric monitoring equipment, and there are 1 conventional brain electronics monitoring equipment, and a variety of Neurophysiological equipment (intramuscular, induce potentiometer, transcranial magnetic stimulator, etc.). There is a video capsule monitoring ward, Nicu EEG monitoring ward, epilepsy, a total of 7 epilepsy professional physicians, 2 EEG technicians, 5 of whom have been professional and technical qualifications for national EEG, 4 people get CAAE, intermediate professional technical qualifications, 3 people successfully passed the first CAAE Galaxy training program and obtained the initial and intermediate certificates.

After 2020, after the review of the CAA Epilepsy Center, in April 2021, I passed the "CAAE Secondary Epilepsy Center" on-site review. At present, the annual experience of epilepsy has more than 5,000 years, and the more and more patients with epilepsy are more than 100, and the annual brain electrogram is 1,000.

With the efforts of all the work of epilepsy center in our hospital, patients with epilepsy will receive a better medical treatment.

  Epilepsy Trick Clinic Arranged Di Zhengli, Vice President of Anti-epilepsy Association, Shaanxi Province, Ph.D., Professor, Master Tutor, Chief Physician, Director of Neurology, Director of Epilepsy Center. Expert outpatient time: Monday morning, Wednesday afternoon Zhang Li, Vice President of Anti-epilepsy Association in Shaanxi Province, Director, Chief Physician, Professor, and Specialist Experts, Chief Physician, Professor, and Specialist. Expert outpatient time: Athletic Chiang Yi, Deputy Chief Physician, Director of Anti-epilepsy Association in Shaanxi Province.

  Expert outpatient time: Tuesday morning.