The relationship between the Australian Iron ore group FMG and China is the foundation of our success

The relationship between the Australian Iron ore group FMG and China is the foundation of our success

In the past ten years, FMG provides China with more than 800 million tons of iron ore. Elizabeth said that we have seen China’s continuous urbanization development, and the Chinese government is firmly committed to letting people get rid of poverty, which requires a lot of infrastructure and requires steel.

For FMG as iron ore producers, China’s development and growth is the foundation of the company’s success, and China’s increasing power supports the strong position of the entire iron ore export market in Australia.

Elizabeth said that the relationship with FMG and China is multifaceted.

On the one hand, FMG exports iron ore to Chinese customers. For China, FMG is a reliable supplier. At the same time, the company also burst out from China, FMG built 8 large ore transport ships in China.

In addition, China’s state-owned Hunan Huiling Iron and Steel Factory is the second largest shareholder of FMG.

Elizabeth said that FMG is in the transition period, transition to renewable energy.

At present, the company is carrying out large-scale investment and developing solar energy. China is also promoting decarbon-carbon emission reduction and will achieve net emissions in 2060. "If we can produce a truly pollutable iron ore product, a green product will make great contributions to China’s carbonization process.

We are working with China to make significant contributions to Australia and China in response to overall climate change and driving emission reduction process. "Talking about the development of China and Australia, Elizabeth believes that Australia and China have established a decadre trade relationship. Section a relationship sometimes experiences the trough and will experience peaks.

She will cultivate and repair bilateral relations with further diplomatic consultations in the future.

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